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The Master Tutor: A Guidebook for more Effective Tutoring

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The MASTER TUTOR: A Guidebook for More Effective Tutoring guides any tutor toward the immense satisfaction of helping others help themselves. The strategies and techniques are proven methods for master tutoring which produce more personal benefits with less stress. The Guidebook contains a proven curriculum which encourages tutees' independent learning and work skills, and a corresponding reduction of their dependence on tutoring. The MASTER TUTOR works because it leads to tutees who are better learners, not tutees who get more answers from their tutors. It works because tutors, already busy with courses, homework and family concerns, can learn the principles of the Guidebook in a relatively short time and apply them effectively in their tutoring. This Guidebook is designed to teach you the techniques that were observed to improve tutee's independent work skills. Its step-by-step cumulative format, highlighted by the 12 Step Tutor Cycle, is designed to be self-instructional. It is written in a tutor-friendly format and most reviewers agree tutors are 100% better off on Monday morning if given the book on Friday night. It can be most beneficial with the enhancement of a formal training program.

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