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                                  Return Policy

Requests for the returning of textbook and/or related material should adhere to the following return policy.

                            Return requests must be pre-approved

                           10% of any order may be returned for a cash reimbursement

                          15% of any order may be returned for a full credit against a future order

Books ordered under the discount schedule may be returned in re-sale condition for cash refund of up to 10% of the amount ordered or a credit against future orders of up to 15% of the amount ordered if received within 150 days of the date of order. Special exclusion for volume discounts.  If returns result in a drop in the volume price schedule, the entire order will be recalculated using the actual amount used.  The cash refund or credit applied will be thereby so determined, deductions applied, and re-invoiced if settlement fees remain.

The options above presume items are returned via UPS (insured), and that all returns made are in resalable condition and do not exceed 150 days after the original order.

Also a minimum of 10 books must be ordered before a return is allowed.

For details, please contact us at 716-626-9044 or email to

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