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TESAT- Tutor Evaluation and Self Assessment Tool

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The TESAT will assist tutoring directors and tutors in assessing tutoring techniques designed to encourage independent learning and reduce student dependence on tutoring. It is a structured profile that evaluates tutors' effectiveness in 1) understanding and using the steps in peer tutoring and 2) understanding and using the steps in helping students learn how to learn. These steps are supported by educational research in teacher education and proven effective for peer tutoring by Dr. Ross B. MacDonald's California Tutor Project, commonly known as The Tutor Cycle. The TESAT is a generic tool for assessing tutoring that can be used before and after training or self-directed study to show tutors' improvement in interacting with students in any discipline or content area. Its intended use is threefold: 1) as an educational tool to help reinforce what effective tutors should attempt to accomplish during each tutoring session; 2) as a self-assessment tool for tutors to use to critique their own tutoring sessions; and 3) as a tutor evaluation tool for tutoring directors who wish to independently evaluate what happens during tutoring sessions and/or who conduct individual observations of tutoring sessions and wish to share their evaluations with the tutor's own self-assessments to improve growth and development. (TESAT User's Manual included)
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